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2020 Motor Love Red Wine - Made in America, Mendocino County AVA, Unfined & Unfiltered

2020 Motor Love Red Wine - Made in America, Mendocino County AVA, Unfined & Unfiltered

PRICE $35.00
  • Varietals

    Pinot Noir 45%
    Pinotage 26%
    Zinfandel 13%
    Petite Sirah 11%
    Cabernet Sauvignon 5%


    Carbonic Pinot Noir from ‘Cole Ranch AVA!’ ‘Cole Ranch AVA’ is North America’s smallest appellation. The isolated viticultural area is a microclimate between the Pacific Ocean and the coastal mountains ranging from 1,400-1,600 feet in elevation. Owner Mike Lucia farms organically and is in the process of converting to biodynamics. The Pinotage (yes, Pinotage!) and Petite Sirah from ‘Open Hand Ranch’ are swanky contributors fermented in the 'reverse saignée' method. ‘Open Hand Ranch’ is loaded with biodiversity, and regenerative farming practices are all-encompassing. The ‘Ciapusci Vineyard’ Zinfandel is 'ancient' and a genuine historic high-elevation site. It’s a dry-farmed 100-year-old vineyard on Mendocino Ridge, 1200 feet or higher, and only a few miles from the Pacific Ocean. Lastly, Cabernet Sauvignon from the ‘Naumann Vineyard,’ also in the 'reverse saignée' method, layers juicy fruit of devotion.


    Motor Love is like vibing inside Berry Gordy’s Hitsville u.s.a in the 60s. Funky earthiness stirs the soul with wet moss, pine forest, and pepper perfection. Wild-berry cobbler fruit and carbonic bubble gum swirl in a jumble of violet petals. Pair this with your next get-together, and it might go all-night-long. Just remember that you're spinning to the vinyl of Diana Ross and The Supremes.

  • Let’s Get Technical

    Sulfur Dioxide: 27ppm
    Titratable Acidity: 5.84 G/L
    Potential Hydrogen: 3.79
    Volatile Acidity: 1.04 G/L
    Malic Acid: <0.1 G/L
    Residual Sugar: 0.7 G/L
    Alcohol: 13.56% Alc./Vol